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Rainbow Dash, by sumin6301
Mature content
Rainbow Dash, :iconsumin6301:sumin6301 170 10
Rikka-chan by Kazenokaze Rikka-chan :iconkazenokaze:Kazenokaze 309 36 Commission 336 - Erasota by bramhistory Commission 336 - Erasota :iconbramhistory:bramhistory 47 13 DnD!Perilous Chain - Carol, Koryu, and Hannah by KoryuSakurada
Mature content
DnD!Perilous Chain - Carol, Koryu, and Hannah :iconkoryusakurada:KoryuSakurada 267 85
commission _ parachute by sbel02 commission _ parachute :iconsbel02:sbel02 99 12 CM : Erasota by Villyane CM : Erasota :iconvillyane:Villyane 323 15 CM - Parachutes by Kojiro-Brushard CM - Parachutes :iconkojiro-brushard:Kojiro-Brushard 177 24
Frozen Parachute Dress Story
Anna sighed in slight irritation as she smoothed out the frills of her green dress. It was the same dress she wore at her sister's coronation, before the "Endless Winter." It seemed like a lifetime ago when it was only a few years. Instead of blankets of snow, the fields were covered with endless waves of green grass that rolled with the breeze. Her dress was spread out around her like the petals of a flower, ruffling every time she shifted her weight. Anna fiddled with the frills as she groaned.
"Kristoff, where the heck are you?!" she cried to no one in particular.
They were meant to have a picnic today, but it felt like hours since she arrived here. She had even laid out the red and white checkered tablecloth and had brought a basket of food in preparation. Also, she had chosen an ideal spot for it on a summer day. The clearing was bounded by a small woodlot behind Anna, marked by a dirt path leading in to who only knows where. There wasn't a single cloud in the sky, and she could d
:iconhistoryman101:historyman101 26 15
Princess Peach parachute dress story
The young princess of the Mushroom Kingdom wondered to herself how it was possible to run in high heels without tripping over herself. As she sprinted over the fields and jumped across hills to escape the gang of Koopa Troopas and Goombas looking to capture her. How was it possible that she always was captured by that vile Bowser was a mystery. After so many battles with Mario, one would think he would learn his lesson!
After landing daintily off a hill, Princess Peach lifted her skirts and continued running, heading towards a green pipe whose rim was rather low to the ground, lower than normal. Her plan was to jump over it, and continue on to her castle, but someone turned that plan upside down.
Out of nowhere, a Koopa Troopa dropped down, and readied to catch her. Peach sighed tiredly.
"Oh come on!" she cried, "How many of you guys are there?!"
The Koopa Troopa dived forward to grab her. Thinking quickly, and still grasping her skirts, Peach leaped into the air before stomping her he
:iconhistoryman101:historyman101 15 5
Wendy Marvell Parachute Dress Story
As the Grand Magic Games came to a close and the dragons were defeated, everyone was overjoyed that the enduring ordeal was finally at an end. In order to celebrate the closure of the Grand Magic Games, there was to be an extravagant ball held in the castle. Every guild who participated was attending, from the dashing men of Blue Pegasus to the gorgeous ladies of Mermaid Heel. However, there was one guild that was prepared to steal the show once again. You’ve guessed it, it’s Fairy Tail.
As the winners of the Grand Magic Games, the team members of Fairy Tail were no doubt over the moon with what they had accomplished. To top off their victory, they helped with the eradication of the dragons who arrived via the Eclipse Gate and re-established themselves as the strongest guild in Fiore. With the beginning of the ball approaching, there was the issue of obtaining the necessary clothes for such a formal event. While the guys went about the task of getting suited up, the girls w
:iconzr3zzad:Zr3zzad 11 8
Beauty and the Beast Parachute Dress Story
It was a somewhat cloudy day as Belle was returning to the castle, traipsing through the Black Forest. Belle sighed heavily, relieved at the end another tiring day; she had spent much of it travelling through the village. Normally she was delighted to visit her old home, and check in on her father, but it was made tiring by her choice wardrobe. Rather than her normal long blue dress and white apron, she chose a golden ballgown, the same one she often wore when waltzing with the Prince. It hardly was suited for the outdoors, but ever since her marriage to the Prince, fancy dresses and special gatherings were common. She had to look her best, even if it meant walking around in a bulky dress, and in uncomfortable high heels. Her feet were sore just from walking around all day, and she desperately needed to rest. As she went further and further along the path, her mind started to wander, too dizzy from the long day to think clearly about much of anything. All she really wanted was to see t
:iconhistoryman101:historyman101 13 11
Jane Porter Parachute Dress Story
Jane Porter sighed heavily as she wiped the sweat off her brow. The jungle could be immensely hot and humid. Had she known this, she would not have traveled in such elegant (and rather unwieldy) clothes. She wore a long yellow dress extending down to her shins, lifted up in the back by a bustle and stylized with a frock around the skirt. Instead of boots, she wore black heels which, in the rough terrain, were extremely hard on her feet. On her hands she wore delicate white gloves, more suited to a meeting with high society than an expedition in the wilderness. 
Still, she soldiered on, looking and listening for anything potentially interesting to spot and note. Jane's role in the expedition was to document any hitherto unknown flora or fauna in her sketchbook, which she had already filled pages with her findings. It was amazing to her how there was still so much unknown to man in this world. Hopefully when she met the gorillas, they could teach her unknown secrets as well.
As she
:iconhistoryman101:historyman101 16 10
Frozen Fever Parachute Dress Story
High in the balcony of a tall tower of the Arendelle Royal Palace, Anna sat, looking out at the sea and nearby lands. She had been led up here by her sister Elsa, who told her that a special gift was waiting for her. Today was Anna's birthday, and the entire day had been spent in festivities with family, friends, and loved ones. Kristoff and his reindeer Sven stopped by, promising a surprise for her later. She was given no hints as to what to expect, which left her pondering all the possible "surprises" Kristoff could have in store for her. A new dress? Not to say she needed one; the spring dress had been graced with her sister's magical flare. Shoes? No, she didn't really need those either, since her black ballet flats suited her well. Maybe...a wedding ring?
The thought made her blush. It seemed like only yesterday when they teamed up to save her sister from herself, and now they were in love. A lonely, solitary mountain man was in love with the second-most powerful woman in all of A
:iconhistoryman101:historyman101 21 6
Sword Art Online Parachute Dress Story
This story is based on the characters of the series, the actual game is not featured.
It had been many months since the trials and tribulations of those trapped in Sword Art Online came to an end. Those that had recovered from their ordeal had returned to their ordinary lives. Some had not been scared away from virtual reality gaming and proceeded to nurture the skills they honed in their two-year tenure, in games such as Alfheim Online and Gun Gale Online. Unbeknownst to the gaming community and the general public, a group of software developers had come together to seize an opportunity no-one else had been able to grasp before. Tireless months of programming led to one of the most revolutionary advances in technology the world had ever seen. Their creation was simple in theory, but many obstacles lay in their programming. Eventually, after months of hard, painstaking work, they had created what they had envisioned. Very soon after the project was completed, they teased their p
:iconzr3zzad:Zr3zzad 7 0
Leo and Luna Parachute Dress Story - Rabbit Hole
The day was coming to an end in Neo Domino City, with everyone heading back to their homes all over the city. Some of those were lucky enough (or at least wealthy enough) to live in the Tops. The Tops was a large luxury apartment complex located in the middle of the city, with one notable feature: the higher you lived in the building, the wealthier you were and the nicer the apartment you owned. Living at the top of the complex, with their own pool and garden paradise that covered the entire roof, was a pair of young twins, with no parents around due to their ever frequent business trips. As the moon finally appeared in the sky, the two siblings were facing each other in Duel Monsters. Eventually, one of them became frustrated at their prolonged losing trip and made it vocally known.
“Yes, Leo. You lost, again. That’s the 6th time you’ve lost to me today. Don’t you think you’ve had enough?”
:iconzr3zzad:Zr3zzad 6 6
Wendy Marvell Parachute Dress Story - Acalypha
Local law enforcement began the process of taking the Naked Mummy members into custody as the group of Fairy Tail wizards were greeted outside the merchant guild, Love and Lucky, with thunderous applause and admiration. Many of the town’s residents had come to pay their respects to the ones who stopped the local guild from being robbed. Fanfare rang throughout the whole town. Natsu and Happy embraced the warm applause. Erza, Gray and Carla were humbled by the praise they received, while Lucy and Wendy just stood still and blushed a bright red. The mayor of Acalypha approached the group and let his commendations be known.
“Thank you very much, brave wizards, for thwarting such a devious plot. If you will, we’d like to offer some sort of reward for all the help you’ve given.” Natsu’s eyes lit up at the thought.
“In that case, bring on the grub, old man. We’re starving here, so how about an all-you-can-eat dinner, followed by an all-you-can-
:iconzr3zzad:Zr3zzad 8 1



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